Brooklyn Barclays Center employee Sharon Spencer inspired many with her story when she was honored by the NBA with its annual Values of the Game award earlier this year. The cancer survivor has since shared inspiring messages about overcoming obstacles in a new interview with Black Enterprise

Spencer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 after celebrating her 40th birthday, she revealed in a video published by She was then involved in a tragic accident in 2008 after receiving her diagnosis. A drunk driver crashed into her as she was standing by a friend's car. The crash crushed her leg, which was later amputated. 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver honored Spencer, an usher at the Barclays Center since 2012, in a pre-game ceremony in January with the annual Values of the Game award and a $10,000 check to the charity of her choice, reported. 

In a recent interview with Black Enterprise, Spencer said that she was motivated to turn her tragedies around by her son, Aaron, who was away at college when she was diagnosed with cancer. 

"After my accident, I feared that I would not be able to adapt to my new life and I would never be able to work again," she said. "My three sources of strength were GOD, my family, and my therapist. I had to do it for myself and for my son Aaron who always looked up to me for strength." She added, "I have had a total of 22 surgeries and to add insult to injury I was fired from my job in 2009. God has helped me turn my tragedies into something positive."

Spencer said her son has since graduated college and received his master's degree. She added that her diagnosis and tragic accident motivated her to support others. She does public speaking and visits breast cancer patients and other amputees. 

The NBA honoree said when obstacles come your way, it's all about how you finish – not how you start. 

"Things may look bad now but if you keep the faith, pray, and try you can overcome your obstacle and live a productive life," she said. "It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. I am a woman of faith. I knew that God was going to use me before and after the NBA award. I was, and still, am honored.”