You know when you’ve decided on something… well, almost kind of…. and then all of a sudden more and more comes along to make your decision even more uncertain?

Well, here’s one I didn’t notice before and so didn’t make my list of 20 Cannes Short Film Corner shorts. Hey, you trying slogging through almost 1,200 shorts synopses in one night with your brain intact. At the risk of losing my decision making abilities altogether, if you know of others, keep ’em coming. Remember, there’s only one of me and oh so many films at Cannes that probably won’t get a mention in any of the media outlets that’ll descend on Cannes and all concentrate on the same 20 or so films until awards season comes and goes.

Anyway, this latest gem is KATRINA’S SON, Dir. Ya’ke SMITH (USA. Fiction, drama/social/youth, 15 mins) – After losing his grandmother during Hurricane Katrina, a young boy travels to San Antonio, Texas, in search of the mother who abandoned him years earlier.

Here’s the trailer.

Katrina’s Son Trailer from Exodus Filmworks (Ya'Ke) on Vimeo.