Cardi B believes The Shade Room (TSR) is throwing too much shade in her direction.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper got in her feelings after The Shade Room posted an Instagram post about her husband Offset’s recent arrest.

Cardi responded with a series of Instagram videos ranting about the gossip site’s alleged beef with her. She claims TSR targets people close to her since she told them to keep her name out of their mouths.

"She’s not allowed to post me, so what does she do? She posts mad s— about people I’m associated with,” Cardi said, referring to TSR founder Angelica Nwandu. She also insulted Nwandu’s looks by calling her a “refrigerator build b***h.”

Bardi continued with a laundry list of positive things Offset has done for his community.

"Offset donated $25K to the Ellen foundation for the kids in Africa. Did The Shade Room post it? No," she said. "Is The Shade Room posting how this man is promoting a cancer-free campaign? No. Are they posting any positive s— and investment talk that he’s been talking about in his interviews? No. But they sure post the way he had drama with his baby mom. They sure posting about his court cases, right?"

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She insisted she didn’t want only positive coverage from TSR. Instead, Cardi wants them to “post the good and the bad.”

As the rant progressed, Cardi brought race into the mix. She claimed other gossip sites began to focus on urban stories because Black-owned sites like TSR promote negative stories.

"Why are they making documentaries about R. Kelly? Why are they making documentaries about Michael Jackson? Because y’all make people feel like it's OK to do so," she said. "Why wouldn’t a white Caucasian person try to capitalize on the drama that happens in the urban and Black entertainment business when Black-owned blogs capitalize on their own drama and problems?"

Cardi’s beef with The Shade Room didn’t stop there. She also posted an unflattering picture of Nwandu on her Instagram page, and her sister Hennessy jumped in the comment section to make fun of her looks. 

The videos, picture of Nwandu and any mention of The Shade Room were later scrubbed from Cardi’s social media.

She later posted a tweet defending her willingness to say whatever is on her mind regardless of any potential consequences.

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