A man who sued Cardi B and lost has agreed to pay the rapper $350,000 she paid lawyers to represent her for the lawsuit.

In 2017, Kevin Brophy was shocked when he saw his back tattoo on the cover of the rapper’s 2016 mixtape Gangsta B***h Music Vol. 1. At the time of its release, she was still a cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. According to Billboard, he was “devastated, humiliated and embarrassed” because the tattoo appeared on a man’s back who was in a provocative position with his head in between the “W.A.P” artist’s legs to replicate someone performing oral sex.


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The man photographed in the picture agreed to participate in the photoshoot. A graphic designer who worked on the cover found Brophey’s back tattoo on Google Images after searching “back tattoos.” The freelancer decided to cover the model’s back with the tattoo, which the Bronx native wasn’t aware of.

Offended with the use of his tattoo without permission and because he felt Cardi B and her team violated his privacy by showing him in a “false light,” Brophy filed a lawsuit against the Hustler actress. The mother of two and her legal team denied the claims and said they were “vastly overblown.”

During a four-day trial in October, things got heated during the cross-examination between the 30-year-old star and Brophey’s lawyer, A. Barry Cappello, when she defended her case. The judge gave the jury a break to maintain order and reminded Cappello of his limits when questioning a defendant, reported Billboard. In the end, the jury found the Grammy winner not guilty.

In addition to the $350,000 payout, Brophey agreed to “waive and irrevocably relinquish” any opportunity to request a retrial to challenge the verdict on appeal on Monday. Cardi B’s lawyers gave up their rights to collect attorneys’ fees in response.

“The parties now have reached an agreement avoiding the necessity of defendants’ motion for attorney’s fees and application to tax costs,” both legal teams wrote in the court filings.