Rapper Cardi B is not a fan of classroom shenanigans, especially when it comes down to the harm of others.

On Thursday, the rapper issued a tweet slamming a viral video from a Texas middle school that showed students throwing a metal chair at a substitute teacher, causing a gnarly gash on his forehead.

“Disgusting this generation is really lost,” Cardi B said. “I went to school wit a lot of gangstas and no matter what they never put their hands on a teacher. Kids this is not respected, not cool, not funny, not tough,not gangsta … .it’s giving y’all p***y”

Many of Cardi’s fans agreed with the rapper, mentioning the importance of discipline.

“Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but whoever loves their children is diligent to discipline them,” another added.

“Children be really acting super entitled lately. I would have humbled ol boy QUICK. The chancla-la-belt-spoon don’t play!!!,” one follower replied.

One follower of the rapper said the school system should be held responsible for the lack of respect for their teachers.

“I blame the school system for allowing the parents to dictate what they do all because they might donate funds to the school,” the user said.

“You ain’t never lied, ever since I graduated witch was last year I feel like kids in school gotten way worse especially when it comes to being disrespectful to these teachers,” another user chimed in.

“I am really disgusted and sad to be a part of this generation, this not being respectful and not giving a fk for human life st needs to stop!!!!,” a fourth person added.