Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist and original Bronx native, Cardi B, is giving back to her community yet again.  This time, she went back to her neck of the woods and paid her old middle school a surprise visit, where she made a $100,000 donation.

The students and principal of I.S. 232 were all taken by surprise by her visit, and in the video posted to Twitter, the excitement in the children says a lot about their love and appreciation for Cardi.

The unanticipated drop-in consisted of Cardi having an open discussion with students about their favorite teachers, advice on decision-making, safety, and what they love most about the school. Alongside the school’s chancellor, David Banks, Cardi B discussed her experience attending public schools and the importance of education.  It was then that the rapper announced her $100,000 donation to the middle school.

The Bronx middle school appearance is part of a partnership tour throughout the five boroughs of New York, with Community Capacity Development – a human justice organization that is striving to obliterate systemic challenges in marginalized minority communities.

Cardi B has shown her appreciation and given many props to the organization for its continuous work in the prevention of gun violence, education, as well as youth mentorship.

Here Are several Instances Where Cardi B Gives Back To The Community.

Back in January of this year, New York City Mayor Eric Adams And The Mayor’s Fund formed an alliance with worldwide superstar, Cardi B to help alleviate the financial hardship of the families and cover burial expenses for every victim of the tragic Bronx fire. 

Cardi B pulled up to The Queensbridge Housing Projects to share positive messages of hope and reassurance with the youth and to encourage them to follow their dreams, even when resources are low and times get rough.

As reported by Revolt, Cardi spoke with students involved with the Community Capacity Development organization’s music program.  The non-profit organization educates marginalized communities about entrepreneurship, building wealth, providing resources for mental health and more.  Queensbridge is known to be one of New York City’s most underserved communities.