Will Smith posted the sweetest message for new parents Cardi B and Offset.

While in Russia for the World Cup, Smith decided to gather a few fans to congratulate the couple on their newborn baby, Kulture. 

He began the video with "a toast to Kulture," followed by several fans expressing their well-wishes. Smith ended the video with an "okurrrr" for good measure. 

The video touched Cardi B, who reposted it on her page.

Cardi thanked The Fresh Prince and the people in Russia who participated, writing, "This video made me smile from ear to ear."

Cardi B has been laying low since she had Kulture a week ago, but the world is ready for a glimpse of the little one. According to TMZ, the "I Like It" rapper and her hubby have received six-figure offers from magazines for the baby's first photo shoot. Despite the lucrative offers, Cardi and Offset want to maintain their privacy and won't consider a shoot until Kulture is around six months, according to a source. 

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