Pregnancy, a new fiancé, stardom and being under constant scrutiny would put a lot of pressure on anybody, and Cardi B. has recently found herself reconsidering her thoughts on mental health issues and therapy options. 

Cardi was recently a guest on The Howard Stern Show where she talked about the recent pressures she’s faced. In the past year, Cardi has skyrocketed from being on Love & Hip Hop: New York to becoming a Grammy award nominee and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. Okurt! 

During the interview, Stern asked Cardi how she felt about seeking professional help for the issues she was having, and like many, Cardi admitted to previously having a stigma about mental health stemming from the idea that mental health issues are for white people. But now, her mindset has begun to change. 

“You wanna know something? No offense or anything….people used to be like, maybe you should do therapy," Cardi said during the interview. "And I used to be like uh-uh, colored folks, we don’t need none of that, we just go to church, and we pray about it. And then it’s just like, I think it’s a little bit more than that. It’s not that like I'm going depression, like, I don’t want people to think I’m not enjoying this moment. It’s just like, it’s a lot to handle.”

You can listen to the full interview here.