I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this character breakdown for a guest starring role from a recent casting notice distributed for TBS’s 3rd Tyler Perry-created and produced sitcom series, titled For Better Or Worse.

As we already know, the TV series will be based on TP’s Why Did I Get Married? films (at first plays), and will follow “the ups-and-downs of married life for Marcus and Angela,” characters originated in the features films, played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith; both actors will also star in the upcoming TV series, by the way.

TBS has already ordered 10 episodes, with production beginning this week.

Here’s the character breakdown:

[TYREKE] African-American male, mid 20s–late 30s. We are looking for the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, African-American men in all shades! If you have models, submit them! If you represent professional sports athletes who are in great physical condition, submit them! Do not let their acting ability stop you from submitting them! This is a role that is currently being developed and we do not have material. This is a nation wide search so do not let location hinder you! This role works on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 and if the person selected is not within the state of Georgia they will need to be available for us to travel them on Tuesday, June 21st. Travel back will be on Thursday, June 23rd. Be prepared for the possibility that those selected may need to put themselves on tape with some other chosen sides. The actor must be comfortable with their body to do a shirtless scene if required. GUEST STAR

I especially laughed at the “Do not let their acting ability stop you from submitting them!” line! Hah! Obviously, the emphasis here is on the “HOTTEST, SEXIEST” part.

By the way, the deadline for submissions was last week Friday, so don’t bother emailing me to ask how/where you can submit.