After an old clip from a 2011 film was uncovered, Twitter had a few choice words for comedians Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais about the N-word. 

The clip drawing outrage across social media came from Talking Funny, a 2011 HBO film where Rock, Louis C.K., Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld discussed what it means to be a comic.

Rock and Louis C.K. began joking about what makes white and Black wealthy comedians different. “When a black guy gets rich, it’s a countdown to when he’s poor again,” Louis C.K. laughed as he made the joke.

Then, the conversation shifted a bit when Rock retorted with a sharp slight against his longtime friend, notes HuffPost. 

“He’s the blackest white guy I f**king know,” Rock replied. And suddenly, the mood changed. “You’re saying I’m a n****r?” C.K. asked a stunned Rock.

The Everybody Hates Chris creator awkwardly tried to keep the conversation cordial and make a biting joke simultaneously. “Yes, you are the n****rest f**king white man I have ever met," Rock said.

Gervais and C.K. were both laughing like hyenas at this point. A seemingly disturbed Seinfeld interjected. “I wouldn’t use it anywhere,” he said as his counterparts laughed. 

Then, C.K. defended his use of the racial slur claiming “we [he and Rock] say n****r on stage.” The now-beleaguered comic has been accused of sexual misconduct and inappropriately touching himself in front of multiple women.  

Twitter users were taken aback by Rock's lack of pushback at C.K. for using the slur. Because of the allegations against C.K., they weren't shocked by him using the word. 

Rock, who is known for his biting racial standup and critique of police brutality against Black people, was humiliated by his colleagues, according to fans and critics alike.  

To make matters worse, Seinfeld had to be the comic to say no to other white comedians saying the word. People were either here for it or expected more from all the comedians involved. 

The clip, in its entirety, is below: 

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