Update (December 18, 2018): Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid was called for another drug test after his team's game with the New Orleans Saints on Monday. The test is the seventh Reid has had this year, according to The Bleacher Report.

All NFL players are subject to random drug tests. Yahoo Sports reports 10 players on every team must be tested postgame. The Panthers have 72 players; according to Yahoo's calculations, there's only a 0.17 percent or 1-in-588 chance Reid would be randomly tested six times over 11 games (his first test was a mandatory one conducted during a physical exam following his signing).

Reid told reporters he doesn't believe the tests are random at all.

"I've been here 11 weeks; I've been drug tested seven times," the safety said. "That has to be statistically impossible. I'm not a mathematician, but there's no way that's right."

Players are supposed to be randomly chosen for the tests by a computer program. While it is possible the program has picked Reid each time, some believe there is something else behind the constant summons for screening: Reid's activism.

Reid famously knelt to protest police brutality alongside his former teammate Colin Kaepernick. Unlike Kaepernick, Reid was signed to a team this season and has used his platform to continue his protest through kneeling, statements made to the press and in his attire, like these cleats he wore during a game:

Like Kaep, Reid has an open collusion case pending against the NFL. He has said he will continue to take whatever tests are assigned to him without complaint, and he will include the statistically improbable number of screenings he's been tasked with as part of his evidence for the case.

Original: Eric Reid believes he is being unfairly targeted by the NFL’s random drug testing policy.

The Carolina Panthers’ safety told The Charlotte Observer’s Marcel Louis-Jacques he has been drug-tested six times, including his physical, since he joined the team on September 27. That's a little more than a test every week and a half.

"This is supposed to be a random system. It doesn't feel very random,” Reid said.

Although he suspects the testing may have something to do with his decision to continue the #TakeAKnee protests, the Panther remains unbothered.

"They're not going to catch me on anything," he said.

The NFL chooses which players to test based on computer software that randomly selects 10 players every week, according to Sports Illustrated. The tests are conducted by a third-party organization.

Reid famously protested police brutality with Colin Kaepernick when the pair played together for the San Francisco 49ers. Reid was out of the league for a year until he signed with the Panthers.

The safety has made it clear he still supports Kaepernick and recently spoke out in support of his friend after receiving the game ball following a victory on November 4, reports USA Today.

"I'm happy to be able to help the Panthers win, but until [Kaepernick] gets back in the league, I can't be wholly happy,” he said.

Like Kaepernick, Reid has an open collusion case against the NFL.

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