City Girls‘ third studio album, RAW, seems to be living up to fans’ expectations. The 18-track LP includes features from Lil Durk, Usher and Muni Long.

One of the album’s biggest standouts so far is “Flashy” with Kim Petras. The single marks the South Florida natives’ venture into pop music.

“We never really did a pop record,” said JT in an interview with Vanity Fair. “It’s an experiment for the both of us. You just never know, and I feel like it’s just us trying something new.”

In the music video, all three artists appear flawless aboard an airplane, enjoying a luxurious life.

Petras starts the song with the chorus, singing, “Stylin, shinin’, I’m so flawless like my diamonds/ I’m flashy/ Big bags, price tags/ You know all I wear is name brands.”

JT kicks off the first rap verse with a designer roll call: “Good mornin’, headed to Milan/ You know I’m flyin’ private, still be on my phone/ Wearin’ so much diamonds, lookin’ like a ball/ Walk into my closet, you’d think it was a mall/ Got more than one, two, Louis and Gucci / Like three, four Prada, Murakami.”

Petras brings the song to the bridge with,  “Talk to me nice (talk to me nice)/Dip me in ice (dip me in ice)/Glamorous life (glamorous)/I’m flashy (La la la la)/My money tall/Ball till i fall/I want it all/ I’m flashy (La la la la).”

Yung Miami then adds, “Good evening, shining so you see me/Anything less than a mill, I’m leaving with somebody’s son on the island, wylin, smilin/ A place where these hating ass h**s cant find me.”

“Flashy” is the first single JT and Yung Miami have dropped as a duo in a long time. Yung Miami has been on a roll with her viral podcast, Caresha Please, and JT has released several solo singles, including “No Bars,” which is featured on Raw.

During their interview with Vanity Fair, JT said she hopes RAW clears up any doubts.

“It’s just a bitter time for a lot of people coming out of the lockdown and people feel so entitled and opinionated and it’s just popular to be hateful right now,” she said. “I won’t say that people are just hating on us, I just see a lot of hate in the world. I hope that this album puts fun back into music from our direction. I hope it makes them fall back in love with us.”

Check out the music video below!