A newly established Black-owned co-working space in Miami Gardens provides a supportive environment for small businesses to thrive.

According to NBC6, Co-Space opened in May, offering entrepreneurs, remote workers and local employees a hub to access essential resources and networking opportunities.

Under the visionary leadership of its founder, Joy St. Clair, this groundbreaking initiative addresses the needs of minority-owned businesses by providing affordable workspace solutions and fostering a sense of community.

St. Clair, who grew up in Liberty City, reflected on her upbringing and how her mother supported Black-owned businesses. Now, her goal is to significantly impact the economic landscape of Miami Gardens through collaboration, networking, focus and entrepreneurship.

“During the pandemic, I was one of the many people who became remote workers. As a cancer survivor and a person who was pregnant at the moment, it was very important to be home and be safe,” St. Clair told NBC6. “There’d be times where I’m working all day and I didn’t realize my stop time had come, or there’d be times where it’s the middle of the day and I’m doing dishes, and I forgot I had a meeting 10 minutes ago. So, I knew I wanted to separate work and home.”

Through her dedication and innovative approach, St. Clair has created a dynamic environment where small businesses can thrive, collaborate and innovate together. In February 2023, she came up with the idea of Co-Space, which offers a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs.

This visionary shared space has garnered significant attention from individuals seeking a tranquil environment to conduct their work.

“You can be in your community,” St. Clair said. “You can be around people who are like-minded and who resemble you and respect you, and still get work done, and be in a cozy but creative and productive space.”

Co-Space offers a variety of amenities, including multiple work tables, a comfortable lounge area, complimentary snacks and coffee, a dedicated space for content creation, and a private meeting room equipped for podcast recordings.

The initiative also provides flexible options, such as monthly memberships and day passes.

“We started off as just an open space for you to come and work and have meetings, and we’ve become a business resource. We’ve become a hub for the community,” St. Clair said. “As we continue to grow, I’m excited to see what happens. I’m excited to see what else we add under the list of services that Co-Space offers. I’m very open to it; very open to listening to the community and finding out what are the needs of the community.”