nullWell it’s
about bloody time. It took them long enough.

After announcing
that Dolemite is finally coming out on Blu-ray DVD yesterday (look below) now
comes word that both Pam Grier’s killer duo of “Coffy” and “Foxy Brown” are both
finally coming out on Blu-ray DVD  If
you’ve seen them, then you know what the big deal is. And if you haven’t then,
1) there is no excuse, and 2) I can’t help you.

Both films
have been previously released on Blu-ray but in the U.K. on Arrow Films label
which means they’re in the Region 2 format and unless you own an all reason
blu-ray player (like me ha ha) you can’t play them on your domestic blu-ray

But on June
9 Olive Films will release both films finally in the U.S. for everyone here to

Both films
are a class by itself, and they could only have been made at the time that they
were during the 1970’s when all the old rules and were thrown out the window by
filmmakers and it was anything goes. Can you imagine anyone making a film like
this today? Who would play the lead role?

Yeah, right.
You see what I mean?

believe or not there were plans to do a remake of Foxy brown with Halle Berry
in the lead, which (THANK GOD) fell through. I mean I like Halle and all, but
that would have been a disaster of epic proportions and she still hasn’t
completely recovered from “Catwoman”.

Both written
and directed by Jack Hill, the films are basic revenge movies with plot
complications with Grier getting back at bad guys who have done her wrong using
guns, cars, razor blades, airplanes, shotguns, and whatever else she can get
her hands on.

And of
course, there are the legendary final shocking scenes in both films, which
never fails to have audiences (and especially women cheering) though the totally
outrageous, twisted and sickly funny final scene "Foxy Brown," is a
show stopper . And Im not going to tell you what it is. You’ll have to see the
film for yourself

The only possible
bad news about all this is that both Arrow Film releases of the film were
loaded with hours of special extras features including commentaries, documentaries
and interviews. However all these extras could be exclusively licensed by Arrow
Films which means that none of them will be on the Olive Films releases. Though I
hope I’m wrong

But at least
we have the films looking better than they ever have been