Lebron James took no time indulging in a hearty roast of Michael Rapaport after the controversial comedian insulted his best friend online.

According to reports, the air between LeBron and Rapaport hasn't been clear in quite some years and Rapaport's latest dig proves it. IBT reports that the 49-year-old actor became upset with James many years ago when he went to introduce his sons to the NBA star following a game and "he turned his back to them."

Rapaport says he believes he treated his children unkindly due to an issue involving two of their friends at the time. James has never responded to the claim but it seems his silent days are over.

On May 11, Rapaport apparently aimed his dissatisfaction with James towards his friend and business partner, Maverick Carter. He posted a video of Carter delivering the commencement address at USC to his Twitter account and insulted the businessman in his caption.

BroBible reports the 39-year-old was asked to offer a commencement speech to the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism graduating class.

“The degree gives you the freedom to gamble,” said Carter in the video clip. “To take a chance, to start something, to change the world, to go chase your dream. What happens if you bet big and you fail?”

“What happens if you refuse to play it safe?" continued. "What happens if you ignore everyone trying to box you in and pursue your passion? I can tell you. The worst thing that will happen, you will break even. The best thing that will happen, is that you will be more than. And that is my message to all of you.”

The speech appeared to be well-received by the crowd, but Rapaport saw it another way. 

"Ok GRADUATES, this year’s USC Commencement Speaker… LeBron James' best friend. GTFOH," the Higher Learning actor wrote.

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Rapaport received negative responses from the post, not laughs, as he may have anticipated.

"You out of pocket for [real] smh," wrote one user.

"Bro if you wanted to be featured on The Shop all you had to do was ask," a second replied, referring to James and Carters' show on HBO.

"Hey f***boy, @MavCarter is a college-educated businessman who founded a multi-million dollar agency and manages the most important athlete of this generation," a third commented. "You do a podcast."

Carter has managed all business matters of the outspoken athlete since 2006. The two successfully founded SpringHill Entertainment in collaboration with Warner Bros., which has produced projects on Starz, Disney, NBC and Uninterrupted.

Vice President of Athlete Relations at Uninterrupted, Jimmy Spencer, initially caught wind of the post and responded.

"This the same Rapaport who’s been trying to work with us?” he tweeted above the original post.

The 34-year-old future hall of fame player saw Spencer's post and replied the only way you would expect a modern king in social media to one of such disrespect

Additionally, Rapaport reported that James blocked him and fans of the Lakers forward couldn't get enough of the light petty work.

Rapaport attempted to go back-and-forth with James and Spencer with some sports banter but was largely met with silence.

Don't feed the starved machine, unless you're taking a break to point at the ridiculousness.

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