Brandon and Bradley Deyo are twin brothers who turned not being able to afford basketball camp into a successful business venture that has enlisted the help of Lebron James. The twins founded Mars Reel, a sports streaming network, that takes following high school and collegiate sports to a new level.

The company provides sports news coverage and makes it nearly impossible to miss a highlight reel again, gaining press credentials to video athlete highlights that can then be posted on social media platforms.

According to NBC News, the company will enter a content-sharing agreement with Uninterrupted, a digital media company founded by Lebron James and his manager, Maverick Carter. Nas, Steve Stoute, and tech investor Robert Hisaoka are also Mars Reel investors. So far, the twins have raised $2.7 million.

As reported by Black Enterprise, beyond basketball, the company now focuses on football, soccer and mixed martial arts. Brandon Deyo said in a statement, "Mars Reel is the primary source for everything we publish. Even the music in the videos is made in-house,” he continued. “It’s custom-made for the audience.”

Two sports fans took matters into their own hands. Instead of paying steep camp fees, they decided to film their own reels for scouts to see. Instead of solely focusing on themselves, they showcase their friends and now, athletes everywhere.