This Clip Of Comedian Shiggy Pushing Russell Wilson Out Of The Way To Snap A Pic With Ciara Has Twitter In Hysterics

I mean, but was he wrong?

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| July 20 2018,

06:24 am

Comedian Shiggy, who propelled the popularity of Drake’s “In My Feelings” thanks to his #InMyFeelingsChallenge, was on a mission at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. Though he appeared to be approaching Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for a photo, Shiggy had his eyes set on Ciara. 

Shiggy and Russell talked briefly as the cameraman prepared to snap the pic. The schemer stepped between the famous couple, but when Russell tried to get closer for the photo, Shiggy pushed the athlete to the side. Laughing, Ciara played along and was happy to snap a quick pic while donning a striking yellow dress. 

Russ was more than a good sport and laughed it all off. 

Folks on Twitter could not hold back their laughter while watching the exchange, saying:

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