Let the March madness continue as a HUGE congratulations are in order for Ciara Princess Harris and Russell Wilson as they announced their engagement on Twitter today

After regaining eyesight from the sight of that rock on Ciara's finger, the commentary began to roll in across timelines in celebration for the lovely couple

But, it didn't take long for folks to throw Future, Ciara's ex and father to her son, into the mix. He should probably just stay off the internet and social media for a while

Future's mentions look like a Jared jewelry store sale gone awry.

...And petty levels are reaching new heights in lieu of the engagement news.

The Future Hive is holding their breath in anticipation that this engagement means Future is about to give us some new music as a way to vent his feelings and frustrations

Somebody please confirm that Metro has somebody he can believe in, for the sake of this union.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple and let's all wish them the best in their future wedding preparations and marital bliss!
Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

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