Common‘s latest role is in the new Apple TV+ series, Silo.

The show is based on the Silo science-fiction novel series by author Hugh Howey, which focuses on the last 10,000 people on earth living underground to keep them safe from the outside world they know nothing about. In addition, to being clueless about the world beyond the walls, they don’t know why or how long the silo has existed.

As a person who normally takes action, social justice or other thought-provoking roles, his character, Sims, is outside a role he would normally take on as he is a part of the Silo‘s government. He admits there are some similar instances between his life and Sims’ but overall it was a new, intriguing character to tap into.

“Me playing it is really different because I’m on the side of Malcolm X and Fred Hampton,” he said in a recent interview with Shadow and Act. “I’m not like believing everything the government is pushing on us. I don’t want us to accept all these things. I feel like it’s some things we have to question and challenge and find out for ourselves and get the right people in government.”

He continued, “And that being said, to play this character who is working for Judicial, which is essentially the government in the Silo, is a different type of thing, but his motivation is coming from really about protecting and taking care of the people.”

The first two episodes of Silo premiered on May 5 followed by one new episode weekly on Fridays through June 30 on Apple TV+.

Watch the full interview below: