Rep. George Santos, one of the outspoken critics of COVID-19 vaccines, has now introduced a new bill named after Nicki Minaj as he tries to ease the worry of people who fear getting shots. According to political reporter Kadia Goba, The Minaj Act requires a development period for new vaccines before its available to the public.

The bill is named after the 40-year-old rapper because she made headlines for sharing an unusual story in 2021. That’s when Minaj said one of her cousin’s friends got the COVID-19 vaccine and became “impotent” and had to cancel his wedding due to his “swollen testicles.”

Santos, meanwhile, was very critical of how government officials handled the pandemic, The Daily Beast reported. The New York representative slammed COVID mask mandates and shutdowns.

He also doubted the COVID-19 vaccine, suggesting it might have health side effects.