When it comes to the importance of Black lives, Missouri Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush is done entertaining arguments that suggest otherwise.

In a CNN segment Bush shared Tuesday, she said as long as Black people are dying at the hands of police and are victims of institutional racism, she doesn’t care if Black Lives Matter or her support of the movement is offensive to anyone.

She doesn't like Black death. 

“The point is there is still police brutality in this country,” Bush said. “And so, I understand that people don’t like the slogan, I get that. But I don’t like death. I don’t like Black death. I don’t like to keep seeing my people die at the hands of the police and nothing is happening.”

On Twitter, she wrote that the conversation was always about the degradation of Black lives particularly prevalent in the law enforcement community.

“The problem isn’t any particular slogan, it’s police brutality. Let’s talk about that,” she tweeted.

Supporters of the 44-year-old St. Louis native took to social media and remarked at how real, yet eloquent the eminent congresswoman-elect was in expressing herself.