The national school walkout day is making rounds on news platforms and social media. Although most protests went off without a hitch, one Chicago high school student was not so lucky. Aminah Glenn was arrested during the protest held for gun reform, according to several news accounts–Chicago Maroon Co-Editor-In-Chief and Chicago Sun-Times reporter–and one account made on Twitter:

In the video, you can hear fellow protesters chanting, "Let her go!" as well as others questioning the Kenwood Academy student's arrest.

Grieve posted additional video provided by Kenwood senior Hashim Parham:

More video provided by a Kenwood student (my phone died). Both were shot around 11:30 at 47th street near Lakeshore. Will tweet the videographer’s name when/if he sends it.— Pete Grieve (@pete_grieve) March 14, 2018

Immediately following Glenn's arrest, another protester and Kenwood senior, Simone Iroegbu, proclaimed she and other students would not return to class until the police department provided updates regarding Glenn. Iroegbu noted that cops instructed the students to move away from street traffic and placed some students in handcuffs. 

"Police officers told us that the girl — Aminah Glenn — was going to be taken back to the school in a 'timely manner,' but we don't believe any of that because they haven't told us any information about her yet or where she will be … or if her parents are going to pick her up or anything like that," said Iroegbu. "We called several resources to make sure she had the proper defense while she was at the station or wherever they took her because they have not told us anything."

The videotaped arrest provoked many angry and frustrated reactions; especially in the age of police brutality and Black Lives Matter:

Waiting to see video that she was "disrupting traffic." This literally sounds like a "any reason to arrest her." This should have been a ticket.— Sigure Rangiku (@SigureRangiku) March 14, 2018

Trained to arrest, kill but not save and protect. So much for the oath keepers.— I. PASTOR (@ipastor01) March 14, 2018

Lots of things "shouldn't" happen. Kids shouldn't have to protest to be heard about being safe in school… But it's 2018 and here we are Heather.— Bradley Stuckey (@_stuckey) March 14, 2018

Grieve contacted the Chicago Police Department and received an official statement from the News Affairs office, which he also posted on Twitter:


"A 16-year-old female student walked into traffic lanes of Lake Shore Drive at 47th Street, disrupting the flow of traffic. She was placed into custody for reckless conduct and transported to the 002 District," the read statement. "The department is currently reviewing whether any charges are warranted."

Elizabeth King, a freelance political reporter, later posted an update noting that the CPD confirmed there will be no charges filed.