Cyn Santana Apologizes For Saying Black Men ‘Cater To’ Latinas

Santana made the comment in a 2016 interview with Angela Yee.

Photo credit:Twitter

| January 09 2019,

8:06 pm

We’ve come to expect questionable hot takes from Joe Budden, but an old interview has his fiancée extending an olive branch over comments that are causing a stir.

Cyn Santana made the comments during a 2016 episode of Angela Yee’s podcast Lip Service, reports The Hollywood Unlocked. Santana was explaining why she wasn’t attracted to Latinxs.

“I just love Black guys and Spanish girls together … y’all can keep the Puerto Rican men. I’m good. I do Black guys all day. I did the Spanish thing. It doesn’t work out for me. I’m good,” Santana said.

When asked about the reasons for her preference, Santana said she thought Latinx men were “too emotional” and “way more possessive” than Black men.

She also implied Black men give Latinas special treatment.

“Black guys cater to us Spanish girls, especially. Like, they ... you know what. Let me not even get into that,” Santana said.

Angela Yee joked Santana would get dragged by Black women following the interview's release, and Santana made a weak attempt to clean up her statement.

“I didn’t mean it like that. But, you know, the Black girls gon’ take it personal. But, no. I’m done with the papis,” she concluded.

The day of reckoning Yee foresaw came almost three years later.

Twitter snatched Santana from her self-made pedestal and questioned how Santana and Budden’s Love and Hip-Hop storyline fit into her narrative.

The Twitter users were referencing an argument the couple had on Love and Hip-Hop that included a debate about Budden’s busy schedule, his reluctance to have sex and Santana's worries about her postpartum depression.

Santana apologized on Wednesday, writing, "I've never bashed a Black woman in my life. ... If I've offended anyone I do indeed apologize." 

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