Updates, via press release on D. Channsin Berry’s upcoming projects, which we first alerted you to last summer, in addition to an announcement of a dramatic feature film he’s developing, which Viola Davis is attached to star in, titled, Martin Lane.

D. Channsin Berry, Director/Producer of the much-discussed feature documentary, Dark Girls, which premiered on OWN last summer, is set to continue the genre with the announcement of his forthcoming documentaries, The Black Line…Profile of the African-American Woman…part 3, and The Church House…Sexuality and the Black Church

With the success of the “FilmTour” event format used initially with “The Black Line…profile of The African-American Man” Pt 1. and “Dark Girls”, Berry is in position to make these films welcomed additions to his historical catalogue.

The film touring format was developed by Berry because he saw the need for people to be able to view and then voice their own stories.  “This movie format has struck a sharp cord with just about every race: men and women”, Berry says.  “The response has been overwhelming!  Our new  platform makes it possible for people to participate in the process with their stories and financial support through social media.”  Co-Producer/Editor, Bradinn French initially uploaded the excerpt of “Dark Girls” for the benefit of friends and colleagues.  He comments, “They watched it and then shared it with their friends, who in turn shared it with their friends, and so on.  The numbers of people who have been impacted by just the clip has been mind boggling, and keep in mind this was mainly by word of mouth! Now, this is our new normal.”

The Black Line Part 3” is the third installment of Berry’s series on the condition, mind set and voice of the modern African American.  This film, focusing on women is understandably as poignant as it is positive with topics and discussions spanning Health, Sexuality, Parenting, Colorism, Love, Careers and hope for a better future.  “This particular film is done in a more relaxed, mature manner, but it still weaves intense and emotional moments.  Groups of women giving one another validation and acceptance in various situations has a powerful vibration, and that higher vibration is a balm for healing”, Berry says.

The Church House…Sexuality and The Black Church”, began filming over a year and a half ago in Washington DC, Berry says he became “tired of friends and family and others being disappointed with the Black Church.”  “No one wants to talk about Sexuality, and the years of debacles involving  some Pastors, before and after Rev. Eddie Long. Please understand, this is not a witch hunt, but it is a progressive history lesson of the Black Church in America and how we can get back to the TRUTH. I’ve interviewed several Pastors, Deacons, Religious Historians,  Church members and Non-Church goers and I’m getting ALL sides of the story.

Once again, Berry is shining a light on subjects not openly spoken of outside of “the family”.  

The Church House” premiers Winter, 2014.

The journey Berry has taken with his series of films, gives hope and light to the “amen corner” of the Black community as it attempts to understand and survive the times we are living in.

Also, look out for Mr. Berry‘s dramatic feature film “MARTIN LANE” starring Viola Davis. Original Story By: D. Channsin Berry with Screenplay By: Kimberlee Smith, Coming soon.