Since we don’t have this particular feature automated on our new site here yet, and many of you have asked me about it via email (as well as some other features you miss on the old site, which are currently being worked on), I figured I’d manually create the list myself, until we have an automated solution.

I’m referring to the Most Popular Recent posts widget, which, on the old site, lists the 10 to 20 most popular posts, based solely on the number of comments received, going back the previous 7 to 10 days. Of course, it changes from day to day. The feature used to sit in the right-hand column on the old site, and I’m working on making it a constant in the left column on this new site.

But for now, I’ll just post an updated list daily, as I’ve done below. So, here ya go; each is a live link (I’m only going with the top 10 over the last week or so; it’ll take me awhile to gather another 10, to make 20):

1. I’ve Read Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” Script, And, Well, It’s Not Nat Turner’s Revolt… (54 comments)
2. Can You Name Hollywood’s Black “A-List”? (Survey) (43 comments)
3. Actor Clifton Powell Goes On A Hate-Filled Spike Lee Tirade… But Why? (Listen) (36 comments)
4. Exclusive Details On Ava DuVernay’s Next Project “Middle Of Nowhere” (Synopsis, Start Date, Crew) (21 comments)
5. Mary J Blige And David Oyelowo Set To Film Nina Simone Biopic This Month (21 comments)
6. Soulja Boy Being Considered To Play Tupac Shakur In Antoine Fuqua’s Biopic (19 comments)
7. NBC Cancels “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” “The Event;” Fox Cancels “The Chicago Code” (16 comments)
8 First Look Images At Bow Wow In Military Thriller “Recalled” (15 comments)
9. Mara Brock & Salim Akil (“The Game,” “Jumping The Broom”) Sign Mega Multi-Year Deal With BET (13 comments)
10. Cuba Gooding Jr. Talks About “Red Tails” And All Those Straight-to-DVD Movies (12 comments)