Nayara JustinoA few links to some morning (or afternoon, or evening) reading/watching/listening/viewing on other websites that I thought worth sharing…

Straight Outta Asgard - The N stands for Norse– A Sense of Ourselves: Filming Black Authors and the Burnham Ware Collection at the Black Film Center/Archive.
– How Franklin Became Peanuts‘ First Black Character, Thanks to a Caring Schoolteacher (1968) at Open Culture.
– After her being “too black” led to her dismissal as Carnaval’s poster girl, Nayara Justino will be the topic of British documentary and star in a soap opera at Black Women of Brazil.
– If you liked Marvel’s homage to classic hip-hop albums, you may want to check out Superhero Remix (Hip Hop Classics Edition), which came years before Marvel’s variant covers, and were created by black artists. Might Marvel have been inspired by these, and not given credit? 
– More than feuds and dramas, Nollywood is a mighty economic machine at CNN
– Debate over Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’ continues at heated City Club meeting at WGN TV Chicago