Damson Idris just shared some insight into his new relationship with Lori Harvey.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Snowfall actor opened up about how he navigates dating an “it girl” like Harvey while in the public eye, noting he tries his best to keep things as “normal as possible.”

“I think my advice to anyone who walks down that path is to just keep it as regular and normal as possible and really, really connect to each other and not the outside forces around,” he said in the interview.


He also stressed the importance of keeping one’s personal life private.

“It’s just watching other people that I admire do it so greatly and just understanding that you don’t always have to show the world your personal life and that what you do for a living is an extension of yourself, and that’s your baby. And you need to protect that. You also need to protect your personal self too,” Idris added.

Though Idris and Harvey are one of Hollywood’s most talked about new couples, the actor is convinced talk surrounding their relationship will eventually die down.

“And of course, it’s the topic of gossip, and the blogs want to talk about that over the work. I see that a lot. But they’ll get over it soon enough,” he said. “And in a couple days someone else will be dating and then they’ll leave me alone.”


Idris and Harvey’s newfound romance became a hot topic in January after the actor posted a sweet birthday tribute to the model and entrepreneur. Later that same day, the pair were spotted holding hands while leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood.

The couple made their red carpet debut during Snowfall‘s sixth and final season premiere event on Feb. 15.

While their appearance caused some to question if this relationship was the real deal, as Essence reports, Harvey took to social media to slam these doubts.

“I just had on body makeup and told him don’t stand too close to me because I didn’t want to get it on his suit lol. Y’all try to find a problem with everything,” Harvey wrote on social media.