With his next starring project, Lee Daniels' The Paperboy, making its world premiere at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Brit actor David Oyelowo (who we recently interviewed HERE) will star in the Channel 4 (UK) drama titled Complicit

The project will be directed by Niall MacCormick (Albatross) from a script penned by Guy Hibbert (Omagh), and, per Oyelowo, is "about the politics of torture within MI5," adding further that it's "about that thin line that MI5 officers have to straddle in the wake of Guantanamo.

The "MI5" being the UK's internal counter-intelligence and security agency; and "Guantanamo" of course being the USA's detention/detainment/interrogation facility in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba.

A little more on the story: written by Guy Hibbert, it's about…"the moral dilemmas posed by the war on terror. An MI5 agent becomes involved in the torture of a suspected terrorist to prevent an attack in the UK," says Screen Daily.

Oyelowo stars as the MI5 agent, Edward Ekubo, and describes him as "a character that is at once assured yet fearful, introverted and yet ever watchful. A spy who struggles to find his place in the World and yet is prepared to sacrifice himself for it."

Principal photography officially gets underway today, with locations in London and Moroco.

The cast also includes Arsher Ali, Stephen Campbell Moore, Makram Khoury, and Monica Dolan.

It'll premiere in the UK on Channel 4, with a worldwide theatrical release to follow; so many of us not in the UK might get to see it.

Oyelowo is certainly a busy man these days (with the aforementioned The Paperboy, The Butler, Middle Of Nowhere, Lincoln and One Shot all on the horizon), collecting trophies along the way, like, most recently, the RiverRun International Film Festival's new Spark Award for rising talents.