The BET Awards on Sunday night were peak blackness. Queen Bey and King Kendrick gave us an explosive opening performance, Jennifer Hudson and Bilal gave us an amazing tribute to Prince and Jesse Williams gave an incredible speech on black liberation, calling out white appropriation of black culture.

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Needless to say, Williams’ words inspired so many people. Even people who never speak on systemic oppression…like…ever.

People were super confused on JT’s new inspiration.

For some reason, Timberlake picked the worst time to respond.

Yes, you read that tweet correctly. After praising Williams for a speech on calling out white gentrifiers of black culture and those who are bystandards in Black Lives Matter, Justin Timberlake decided to clapback.

Naturally, Twitter wasn’t having it.


After being dragged for a few hours, Justin Timberlake issued an apology that made the situation 10 times worse.


Yikes. Timberlake made that apology go from bad to really bad.

Some people defended Timberlake.

But most dragged him

A few things are clear:

1) Justin Timberlake needs to hire a woke publicist to monitor his Twitter account.

2) Justin Timberlake did not actually hear the real message behind Jesse Williams’ speech

3) Justin Timberlake needs to log off Twitter.

Justin Timberlake epitomizes kumbaya white liberalism. Initially, Timberlake praises Williams for an incredible speech on racial justice. But, the moment someone confronts him about his whiteness, he descends into #AllLivesMatter territory.

Timberlake’s impressive history of not advocating for the black community is clear. He claims we are all one race but we see that we are most definitely not. We were not all one race when Janet took on intense criticism for their Super Bowl performance (which was completely his fault) while he continued to flourish. We are not all one race when police officers pull over black people. We are not all one race when fashion blogs praise white women for appropriating black hair while shaming black women for being too ghetto. We are not one race when Timberlake secured his financial future on the back of black culture and continues to benefit from white privilege.

The intention behind Timberlake’s words does not matter, because the damage is the same. Before he continues to appropriate black music and proclaims he’s ready to topple white supremacy, Timberlake needs to have a serious conversation with his whiteness, because, it’s clear from those tweets that he is not ready.

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