Dictionary.com Tweets The Most Devastating Clap Back Of 2018 To Check This Foolish 'Straight White Male'

An unfortunate soul compared the phrase "straight white male" to the n-word.

Photo credit:Photo: Twitter

| May 20 2018,

3:48 pm

Sometimes a clap back can be a work of art on the same level of a Picasso or Monet.  

Dictionary.com continues to dominate the game with their epic clap backs and their latest retort to a Twitter user's asinine tweet is no sign of them slowing down. 

Stand-up comedian and former Food Network host Josh Denny claimed that the phrase "straight white male" is this century's n-word in a lengthy thread about "silencing" white men's viewpoints in societal discussions.

"'Straight white male' has become this century’s N-Word. It’s used to offend and diminish the recipient based on assumption and bias," he wrote in a May 18 tweet. "No difference in the usage."

Subsequent tweets tried to further explain this comparison by using Kanye West recent rants to support his argument. In one tweet, Denny evoke's the SparkNotes version of MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech to show that "silencing" white men is racist.

Many people took issue with the tweet because comparing a recent term to an old term that has been historically been used to dehumanize black people as a means to justify cruel treatment, violence and impose racist laws isn't apropos. Words mean things.

Dictionary.com could not stand idly by and let this happen. So, the clap back came down hard. 

The saddest part about of this is that Denny truly believes that his and other's "hurt feelings" equate to hundreds of years of oppression and disenfranchisement.