It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No, not Christmas. Happy Black History Month, Fam!

We’re Black all day and every day, but we love any occasion that allows us to honor our illustrious history and poppin’ culture. This Black History Month is even more special because it marks the 400th anniversary of when the first enslaved Africans landed in Jamestown. To honor the sacrifices of those ancestors, Blavity will spend this February looking at all the ways Black History Made Us.

As you look at our favorite tweets of the week, think about how you were made by Black history.

Now, onto the foolishness.

We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge Queen Bey's contributions to the culture:

This week we were introduced to a baby who's clearly been here before and ain't at all happy about coming back:


Press secretary Sarah Sanders has been holding press conferences again, and all we can say is we wish Windex was all we needed to fix this problem:


Grime is great, but one Twitter user pointed out something we'd never noticed about music across the pond:

Do you sometimes read a corporate tweet and think to yourself, "The intern didn't think that one through?"

D.L. Hughley got into it with Terry Crews about sexual harassment this week, as Blavity reported. The beef begged the question: can you recite a D.L. Hughley joke from memory? 

Kim and her grown woman hairs need to find a seat:


Quinta B. reminded us she is always a mood:


We were also sadly reminded some people just can't take a hint:

The cast of Black Panther turned up to the SAG Awards looking radiant, proving it's not just Wakanda, but also lotion forever.

This tweet left us with just four words: we dig their Outlook. 

We hear this tweet but would like to mention at least actual dogs are loyal:


Last but not least, don't you hate how some job applications are harder than the actual job? They already overworking folks. 

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