Remember when comedienne Kathy Griffin held up a fake, bloodied Trump head and caught a wave of controversy to match the craziness? We barely do, either. It was in May 2017, and despite everything that has happened since, Griffin is still harboring ill feelings about the situation and projecting her frustration onto an unexpected actor – Don Cheadle. 

A Twitter feud between the two stars began when Cheadle posted a photo of himself wearing a hat with the logo of social activism group Sleeping Giants. The organization aims to make bigotry and sexism less profitable by advocating for ad removal from problematic publications such as Breitbart.

In a seemingly triggered response, Griffin demanded to know where his voice was when media and the public were criticizing her for her decapitated Trump prop. She further questioned the Iron Man actor’s liberal loyalty and told Cheadle to “fear her.”

Cheadle responded like many of us looking at the comment with a resounding “Huh?”

The comedienne buckled down, pushing the idea that she would have stood up for Cheadle had he been in the long-forgotten-by-most situation. 

Over the initial surprise of the controversy’s resurfacing, Cheadle checked Griffin by letting her know they were never friends, and, had they been, he would have steered her away from the stunt before it happened.

“Had I been your ‘friend’ and you had asked my opinion, I would have said, ‘Kathy. For you[r] own sake, please do NOT,’” Cheadle tweeted. “The secret service doesn’t play around with sh*t like that no matter WHO the president is.”

This is not the first time Griffin has called out a fellow star for not speaking up in her preferred manner.

In a June interview with USA Today, the 58-year-old went after Kevin Hart, positioning herself as a Trump-tackling champion and calling Hart’s lack of political commentary a “pussy move.”

“I do feel like this is such an anxiety-ridden time for everyone that there is a thirst for all kinds of comedy,” Griffin said.

“And look, if you want to not hear about Trump at all, go see Kevin Hart. He doesn’t mention Trump. I personally think that’s a pussy move because he’s a Black man. But I guess he’s selling more tickets than I ever will."

Will Griffin stop berating Black men about situations that do not involve them in the slightest? We shall see. 

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