Don Lemon is once again in headlines for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday, a video showing unthinkable violence perpetrated by a white police officer to an African American teenage girl was pushed to the forefront of social media. Since then, national news coverage of the event has picked up. Unluckily for the sanity of people across the country, Don Lemon decided to cover the story on his show earlier today suggesting that we “need to know more” before claiming that this was an injustice.

Unfortunately, there is no mute or block button to use on people like DON LEMON in real life.

Former federal prosecutor and CNN legal commentator Sunny Hostin was there to read Lemon for his Tom-ish behavior and overall insanity. After the segment aired, thousands took to Twitter to join in.

Millions of Black people are subject to seeing the trivialization of violence against Black bodies.

This past summer was hell for black people. From Charleston to Baltimore, black people were forced to listen to white America’s deafening silence on the violence and assaults committed against black people. But, when a Lion died in “the country of Africa,” white people were up in arms. Imagine what white America’s response would have been if a video of the poaching was released…

Although sharing this video helps to shed light on the assaults black people endure daily, it’s key that we maintain our own humanity, forcing news outlets and people across social media to put trigger warnings before every video displaying atrocities they share. We are human and we deserve to be treated with nothing but the utmost respect.


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