CNN anchor Don Lemon was befuddled and perplexed following a series of embarrassing interactions between members of Congress and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson during a congressional hearing Tuesday.

Dr. Carson testified before the House Financial Services Committee and showed just how little he knew about his own department. As Blavity previously reported, Carson appeared mystified and disinterested in answering the softball questions being thrown his direction. 

At one point, the 67-year-old even resorted to using the "reclaiming my time" phrase made famous by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) as a way to avoid prompts about whether stable or safe housing was a determinant of wealth.

The testimony took an even more humiliating turn when it was Congresswoman Katie Porter's (D-CA) turn to speak. Porter tried to ask Carson about disparities in REO rates.

"I would also like to ask you to get back to me, if you don’t mind, to explain the disparity in REO rates. Do you know what an REO is?" asked the congresswoman.

"An Oreo…" replied Carson.  

"R, no not an Oreo. An R-E-O," Porter retorted.  

"Real estate?" Carson asked.

"What's the O stand for?" Porter quizzed.

"E-organization?" Carson countered.  

As someone whose literal job is to know what these basic terms mean, Dr. Carson aloofness was painfully exposed. 

Lemon couldn't help but add his thoughts to the conversation on his primetime show later that evening, adding his signature shady commentary while simultaneously reporting on yet another gaffe made by an official in the Trump administration.

"Well, one of those people know what they're talking about," Lemon said after showing the clip of the Oreo interaction.

The long-time media personality then referenced a tweet Secretary Carson posted after the hearing where he seemingly made light of the situation. 

Lemon called the hearing "quite a performance," then continued his monologue by noting another flub Secretary Carson made. This time, the Detroit native apparently wasn't aware of an office that was under his department, which he has been head of since March 2017.

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (D-OH) repeatedly asked Carson if he was aware of the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI).

"Are you familiar with OMWI and what it is?" Beatty asked, to which Carson replied: "With who?"

"OMWI?" Beatty repeated.

"Amway?" Carson said.

"OMWI," Beatty repeated for a third time.

Lost for words, all Lemon could do was bow his head and chuckle. 

"I don't mean to laugh, but is this happening? Oreo? Amway?" the 53-year-old host wondered.

Lemon's final example came between Dr. Carson and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). Like Pressley, Lemon agreed that Carson's legacy as a respected neurosurgeon could be overshadowed due to his allegiance with President Donald Trump. Pressley asked the secretary if individuals who reside public housing are more susceptible to mental and emotional trauma.

Carson refused to answer, snapping back instead with "reclaiming my time."

Pressley quickly rebutted, "you don't get to do that."

"Jeez," Lemon began. "Congressman Pressley is right, Carson doesn't get to do that. Carson couldn't answer Pressley's tough and pointed questions without getting snarky."

Lemon concluded his segment by pointing to another Trump official who tried to get out of answering a question before Congress, but instead became testy with the representative. In that case, it was Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Rep. Waters.

Watch the entire interaction below and be prepared to have secondhand embarrassment like Lemon and the rest of us.