Once again, Donald Trump has found a way to talk about everyone else's faults except his own. While on the road at a rally in Tennessee, he brought up Hillary Clinton's November 2016 campaign concert, alleging that Jay-Z's foul language was an issue for the whole campaign. 

"The only way she filled up the arena was to get Jay-Z," Trump said, according to CNN. "And his language was so filthy that it made me, like, the most clean-cut human being on earth. It's true." 

Clean cut? 

"He'd stand up there before those crowds, and by the way, without any musical instruments, I had much bigger crowds than he was drawing," Trump continued in his typical fashion. "But he'd stand up before those crowds, and he'd use the F word and Hillary would sit back — 'oh I'm in trouble, oy, please don't have him use that kind of language anymore,' and then he'd finish, and everybody would leave, and she'd be standing up making a speech to 400 people."


— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) May 30, 2018

Mind you, this is all so interesting not only coming from a generally foul-natured human being but also a man who was caught on tape talking about grabbing women "by the pussy" only a month before the concert occurred.

Leave it to the internet to pull out the receipts. Trump supporters may overlook his hypocrisy, but Twitter never will. 

Trump also made headlines earlier this year for calling places such as Haiti and African nations "s**thole countries."  Clean cut, indeed, Mr. President.