You ever had one of those nights where you hear what is possibly the worst news you’ve heard in a long time, and you try to sleep it off, imagining it never happened?

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That’s the type of night America had Tuesday. We went to sleep with the terror of knowing the one which we call Donald Trump, is no longer the presumptive nominee but the official Republican nominee.

How did we get here? Where did we go wrong?

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I mean even as they announced him as the official candidate there were boos from the crowds refusing to accept this as their truth. The orange gremlin is now their official candidate, despite all of the tomfoolery and plagiarism. The RNC floor was in shambles so much so that states were trying to throw delegates to other candidates who were no longer in the running.

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I mean could you imagine, there you are standing firm in your sprayed on skin and tainted words about to celebrate yet another opportunity to screw over a piece of an economy and no one in the audience supports you but your mail order bride?

The horror.

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Yet here we are, left with Trump and Clinton. I never knew how bad I wanted Cruz or even Carson as another option more than I did when they announced America’s funeral last night.

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Even though the very few black Republicans who have been strong supporters of the party and not Trump, didn’t show up to the RNC that didn’t keep members of Trump’s Diversity Council from standing out. The newly named Director of African American Outreach, Omarosa Manigault was there and all smiles showing that Donald Trump does have at least one black friend so he must like black people.

Oh, girl. Where did we go wrong with you? The damn board room, that’s where.

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It’s okay though because Spike Lee spoke on behalf of black folks everywhere when he responded to the news of her newest gig via Instagram:

So if you see me walking the streets of DC with my head held down, it’s because I have to live with knowing that instead of Wale performing at the State of the Union address, it will be members of the Duck Dynasty. I have to live with knowing there will be no more easter egg hunts with the likes of Beyonce and Monica on the west lawn of the White House but instead Klan meetings, I mean conservative gatherings in the east wing.

I see now that I can stop asking how did we get here and instead start asking what would Jesus do? So don’t mind me if I write in Jesus as my candidate come November because my uterus deserves to have rights, my skin deserves to matter, and I wanna know whose soul was sold out in those private yet government server emails.

Y’all stay prayed up beloveds. It’s about to be a long ride.

Live image of me at the polls in November.

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