Protests erupted in cities across America on Wednesday night as demonstrators took to the streets in 14 cities, as a result of uproar over president-elect, Donald Trump. Major cities including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago and New York City all became the scene of concerned groups outraged about the lingering future of the country.

Celebrities joined in with the crowds to show their support.

Traffic hit a standstill as protesters demonstrated “Love Trumps Hate”.

Even children participated in the peaceful protests.

Police departments in cities like Oakland used tear gas to disperse crowds.

News crews were surrounded by protestors hoping to get their message across.

In D.C. protestors burned the U.S. flag and threw blue paint on the Trump International Hotel.

The protest grew larger and larger and were filled people from all races, nationalities and backgrounds.

In the end, the message grew stronger.

More protests are expected in the weeks to come.

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