14 Biggest WTF moments from the 2015 VMAs

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| August 30 2015,

7:27 pm

1. When MTV aired a "White Squad" commercial...2. When Nicki Minaj brought Taylor Swift on stage during her performance. 3. And then CALLED OUT MILEY CYRUS WHILE ACCEPTING AN AWARD
4. And Miley looked like she was about to sh*t herself. 5. Justin Bieber crying. 7. Like REAL LIT. 
9. Miley Cyrus being the host. 10. And everything she did — from her culturally appropriated hair...11. to even using the term "mammy" during the award show. 
12. When Iggy attempted to rap once again. 13. When Kanye gave his sermon...14. And finished by announcing he's running for president in 2020 (wheeet?)

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