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Future's 'Draco' Is A Scary Tale Of Why Black Nerds Feel Unlovable

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Future’s "Draco" is a song that throws shade subliminally to Ciara and Russel Wilson and his other sex scandals, yet there is a larger layer to the music video that indirectly affects the black diaspora.

Before the actual song begins, we see a younger Future playing a first-shooter arcade. He masters the game (literally and figuratively) as he also wins the heart of a curious girl. Her assumed boyfriend is a caricature of a nerd who plays by the rules by wowing girls with flowers and kid-friendly dates.

Without even noticing the girl’s existence (through eye-contact), little Future walks calmly towards the boyfriend as his girl walks with a stack of tickets basking in the treasures of her newfound loyalty. The boyfriend is in distress and drops his flowers with anger and tears in his eyes.

When the official song is introduced, the same ‘steal-your-girl’ tactic is applied. Again, Future leaves off with another woman without even making eye-contact. Throughout the music video, the audience sees women trapping men for money. The loyalty is blind and it seems as if they are more drawn to the thrill of the lifestyle.

It is a bit scary to watch because this is a real fear black men have when meeting women for the first time offline. The outlandishness of the women’s loyalty reminds me of TV One's For My Man. It is a true-crime series that reenacts situations when women are exploited to be a part of a crime to appease their lover. In most cases, this leads them to jail and a broken heart.

But is Future right? Maybe the old fashion ways of dating cannot make nerds the love interest. As a nerd, myself, I am aware of the weariness women have towards dating nerds.


I can remember in high school a cheerleader gave me her number before the homecoming game. It did not work out and she led me on, but I forgave her. Then there were two other failed relationships after this. I noticed these women were ashamed of being seen with me outside of school. Intimacy would be limited and only in class or through text. When I asked them on dates, I would get ignored and fed the lie that they were out of town or their phone was off.


Unlike white nerds, they have the benefit of the doubt. Usually, white nerds are superheroes. They end up teaching women that nerds are not one-dimensional or weak. Meanwhile, black nerds are tokens. So, they immediately lose their reputability with the black audience. We end up being a laughing stock and if we do get the girl at the end of the movie or series. It is because she pities us and doesn't have a natural attraction to our personality.


I remember a viral video from the YouTube channel BK Chat, where the women defined their attraction to hypermasculinity and describing what type of man best suits their sexual desires. The women on the panel explained to the men that nerds are not attractive because they lack the aggression to stand up for themselves. She was right, nerds are the face of bullying. In media, we take the pain with a smile and lie to ourselves that this is an initiation to being cool and a part of the crowd. Girls see this and are not turned on by it. I cannot blame them because they themselves do not feel protected in the community because of street harassment and predators.

In reference to "Draco," it’s a not about making beautiful women love black nerds rather the issue is about our misrepresentation that affects our livelihood. We can accept rejection and even you taking our girl, I do not own her, but hypermasculinity has a tendency to entertain the notation that "nice guys finish last." Our image is not fair and is continuously being experimented on to showcase the multiple identities of black people.

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