Jalen Bailey, an 8-year-old from Fresno, CA recently launched his own business, a home bakery specializing in cookies, cakes and other confectionery items that are sure to tickle your sweet tooth

From chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and pastry tarts, there's a little of something for everyone to snack on and Bailey is making it all from scratch. Working out of his mother's kitchen in their small home, Bailey's mom, Sharhonda Mohan told ABC station KFSN-TV she "feels overwhelmed with joy," as she watches her son work towards his dream of being a millionaire. But Jalen's ultimate goal is to make enough money to buy a home for he and his mom. He said, "I just want one that me and my mom can be happy in." While those words are hard for Mohan to hear, Jalen's selfless spirit and drive does not come as a surprise to her. In fact it is Mohan's entrepreneurial spirit that was the catalyst to Bailey's desire to begin his own baking business. "My mom is the one who inspired me to do the business," he said to KFSN-TV. With help from his mom, Bailey is already causing up a stir in his hometown and apparently his specialty peanut butter cookies are sold by the dozens. Recently at his first business mixer, Bailey rubbed shoulders and networked with local professionals but, didn't leave before receiving a donation of an oven so he can continue to create even more confectionery creations

Although Jalen's Bakery is only pushing out local orders at the moment, with such a high demand, we can only hope that soon we can have some of Jalen's famous cookies delivered straight to our doors. With big dreams ahead of him and the tenacious spirit of a seasoned business owner already, Jalen's drive is truly an inspiration and surely making his mother very proud

Somebody call Morgan Freeman. There's a new cookie mogul on the block and he may want to invest

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy
Which treats from Jalen's Bakery would you like to try? Tell us your picks in the comments.

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