Fans of Netflix‘s Élite get ready because Season 5 of the hit teen drama is right around the corner.

The coming season will premiere on Friday, April 8, dropping all eight episodes in the process.

Per the TVLine, Season 5 will pick up “after Phillipe’s fateful New Year’s party and Guzman’s running away, as the secret about Armando’s death threatens to destroy the love story between Samuel and Ari. Meanwhile, Rebeca is going through a process of self-discovery, Omar is recovering from his separation from Ander, and the addition of Adam Nourou as a character named Bilal will further complicate things.”

Here's what else is in store for Season 5:

Also on tap for Season 5 are Phillipe’s confession of abuse, Patrick’s anger issues, Benjamin’s revenge desires, a present from Armando to Mencia that could destroy everything, and a pact of silence between Samuel and Rebecca that doesn’t last long.

Meanwhile, another “minefield” presents itself as two new students arrive: Isadora (played by Soy Luna‘s Valentina Zenere), the young heiress of a huge nightlife business empire, and Iván (Juacas‘ André Lamoglia), son of the world’s biggest soccer star.

'Élite's co-creators are certain fans will enjoy the upcoming season

“Élite is a universe I always want to return to,” co-creator Carlos Montero said in a statement, per TVLine. “As a creator and as a spectator. It stimulates me, comforts me, encourages me. And the fifth season has been so great, so alive, that I know I’m going to come back to it more than twice and three times. It’s a feast for the senses. You’re going to enjoy it.”

Co-creator Jaime Vaca added, “[Each season of Élite] shows how rich it is and how much there is still to tell. Far from running out of steam, it opens up new avenues and new stories that are more interesting, more entertaining, and more exciting.”

Seasons 1-4 of Élite are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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