The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a classic Black sitcom, and many famous faces of today appeared on the show before they became household names.

Here are ten actors and actresses who appeared on the show in guest-starring roles. How many do you remember?

  1. Don Cheadle

Cheadle appeared in the fifth episode of the show’s first season as Will’s best friend from home. There were actually spin-off plans for his character that never fell through. 

  1. Queen Latifah

The future Oscar-nominated actress made her first small-screen appearance on Fresh Prince. She played Marissa Redman, Hilary’s Boss, in the season 1 finale. Latifah later returned for an episode in season 2 as Dee Dee, who schools Will on how to court a woman. 

  1. Boyz II Men

The Philadelphia natives appeared in a special holiday episode. Boyz II Men are on the West Coast for a radio special and Will sneaks into their recording session. He is nearly thrown out before getting through claiming he knows them from hilly. As it turns out, Will actually stole a girlfriend from one of the members years prior. They later perform at Nicky’s christening. 

  1. Naya Rivera

The future Glee star guest-starred on season 3 of the show as Cindy. Hilary was considering hiring the cutie as her personal assistant.

  1. Tisha Campbell

In the first season, Campbell stars as Will’s girlfriend, Cathleen. The two get into an earthquake and are stuck in the basement. Throughout the ordeal, Will learns that Cathleen’s hair, nails, and eye contacts are fake.

  1. Isaac Hayes

Hayes guest-starred on the season 5 episode The Wedding Show (Psyche!) as a Minister who acts as an Isaac Hayes impersonator. He was assigned to officiate Will’s quickie wedding.

  1. Chris Rock

Rock guest-starred in the second episode of season 6. The comedian starred as Maurice, a famous actor. He dually starred as Maurice’s sister in the same episode.

  1. Naomi Campbell

The supermodel shined as Geoffry’s date in season 1. Will couldn’t figure out how his butler could pull off a woman like Campbell’s character.

  1. Tevin Campbell

As Ashley began to grow into her own, she of course became boy crazy. Campbell appeared as a mini love interest for Will’s younger cousin. It also didn’t hurt that he could sing in addition to being cute.

  1. Jasmine Guy

Guy starred as Will’s straight and narrow brilliant girlfriend Kayla, who almost let a few fun dates with Will distract her from her studies. Kayla happens to be one of Aunt Viv’s brightest students who refuses to let her go down the wrong path.