For many, astrology is a fun way to get to learn more about oneself, as well as others. People's first introduction to astrology is often through their sun sign, which is essentially the core of one's personality and being.

Each of the twelve astrology signs is accompanied by various traits and features—or stereotypes, depending on how you cut it. While these characteristics are only mere generalizations, they frequently shape people's understanding of the different zodiac signs.

With 2021 coming to a close, we decided to look back and pick out which celebrities exhibited some of the traits commonly associated with their astrology signs.

Halle Bailey

As Aries—the ram—is a fire sign, it's easily associated with passion. However, people with this sign are stereotypically seen as being particularly fiery. Halle Bailey embodied this over the past year while sticking up for her older sister, Chlöe Bailey.

Throughout 2021, Halle defended her sister on social media against various critics–including Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles. She recently defended Chlöe from a social media user who referred to her as being "overhyped."

Halle's constant defense of her sister shows that she's not afraid to clap back and serve up some heat for the haters, making her an Aries posterchild for her fiery passion.


Taureans, represented by the bull, have a widespread reputation as the most "stubborn" astrology sign. While stubbornness often has a negative connotation, Lizzo showed how a Taurus' unwavering soul could be used for good.

Since the start of her mainstream success, online haters have body-shamed Lizzo in various ways. Unfortunately, the criticism reached a boiling point earlier this year, when Lizzo tearfully addressed the hate on Instagram. While Lizzo has received outpourings of support from her peers, she sadly revealed that trolls' negative comments about her had begun to take their toll.

Despite this, Lizzo stayed true to herself and held her own, showing that she's a true Taurus who will not be swayed or bullied into changing herself. She went on to celebrate the success of "Rumors" and give a TED Talk on the history of twerking—showing that her commitment to staying true to herself has paid off. You go, girl!

Kanye West

As a pair of twins represent them, Geminis often get a reputation for being spontaneous flip-floppers—and Kanye West's Gemini nature was put on full display during his Donda listening parties this past summer.

Initially, West claimed he would drop the highly anticipated album after his first listening party, which went down on July 22. However, West instead decided to postpone the album and hosted another two listening events over the next month, ultimately releasing the album on Aug. 29.

The way West insisted on continually putting off his album as he had the world on edge exhibits the classic duality that's often associated with the Gemini sign.

Chlöe Bailey

Like all water signs, Cancerians are heavily tied to emotions, and people with this sign are seen explicitly as extra compassionate or sensitive. Unlike her fire sign sister, Chlöe Bailey's Cancerian nature showed in 2021 as her fans shared her genuine, raw emotions.

As mentioned, Bailey has been no stranger to backlash this year, though she tended to respond to critics through tears rather than clap backs. An emotional, social media upload or interview is how this Cancerian addresses the negativity, and it feels rather fitting considering her sun sign.

Bailey also notably became tearful during her Global Citizen Live Performance back in September because she felt surrounded by love, as Blavity previously reported. Like a true Moonchild, Bailey's definitely in touch with her feelings–and she isn't afraid to show it.

Lil Uzi Vert

The lion represents Leos, characterized as being prideful and confident. As such, Lil Uzi Vert's Leo-ness can humorously be seen this past year thanks to his infamous pink forehead diamond.

The Philadelphia native memorably had a $24 million pink diamond surgically implanted into his forehead in February, though it was ultimately ripped out while stage diving.

"It's almost insane to the average person or any person. But I'm Lil Uzi Vert, like what can I say?" he memorably stated while discussing his decision to get the implant in the first place.

Something about his decision to get the expensive implant simply because he could afford to do so feels very… Leo. Do your thing, though, Lil Uzi. 


Zendaya is a Virgo, which is a sign that's defined by its practicality and—frankly—obsessiveness. Virgos can't seem to shake this obsessive or driven reputation with their interests, whether they're being described as neat freaks or intense intellectuals.

With this in mind, Zendaya falling madly head over heels for her beau—Tom Holland—in 2021 screams Virgo. While the pair just began dating recently, the internet has already gone crazy over how heart-eyes Zendaya is over Holland.

Considering the numerous videos that show Zendaya just dreamily looking at Holland—and the various jokes about her being sprung—it's safe to say that this earth sign embodies the Virgo trait of truly being all-in.

Cardi B

The scales represent this air sign, drawing images of balance, honesty, and eye-catching beauty. Similarly, people usually identify Libra placements with aestheticism and general flamboyance, and Cardi B fits this stereotype perfectly. From making an over-the-top pregnancy reveal to throwing a lavish third birthday party for her daughter, this rapper shows that she's fierce when it comes to making a statement—especially with her fashions. 

This past year also saw Cardi B make headlines for her stunning Paris Fashion Week looks, shortly after she flexed a collection of nearly thirty Birkin bags. Cardi B models the Libra trademark flamboyance and fondness for beautiful aesthetics.


Scorpios are perhaps the most polarizing astrology sign, as their dark and mysterious nature garners either empathy or distaste. One common stereotype about Scorpios is that they tend to take revenge, and Drake embodied this characteristic a few months back.

During the late summer, Drake's longstanding feud with Kanye West escalated to the point West seemingly doxed Drake. Specifically, West uploaded a photo of what appeared to be Drake's home address to Instagram before deleting it shortly after that.

Drake uploaded a video of him maniacally laughing in his car in response to all this. While Drake was likely brushing the matter off, this mysterious response encapsulates Scorpio's energy. After all, you don't know when the scorpion's going to sting. 

Britney Spears

Sagittarians—represented by the Centaur, the mythical archer—strive for independence, adventure, and freedom in whatever they do. Considering this, Britney Spears' fight for autonomy exemplifies some of these traits, as she strove to reclaim her freedom from those who wronged her.

Spears bravely fought to end her conservatorship, which had been in place for over a decade. The journey to reclaiming her freedom came to fruition in 2021. She shared her truth to the court, calling the conservatorship "abusive," and pleaded for her independence. 

Rightfully, the conservatorship ended last month, and this Sagittarius is now free to live her life exactly the way she wants. 

Blue Ivy Carter

Ambition is a cornerstone trait of Capricorns, and Blue Ivy Carter embodies this characteristic at just nine years old!

In March, Carter notably became the second-youngest person ever to win a Grammy Award, as Blavity previously reported. She was featured in a Chanel advertisement alongside her parents, and she also starred in an Ivy Park ad. Most recently, Carter won a Voice Arts Award for her role in Hair Love.

This young star—who boasts an estimated net worth of $500 million—truly embodies the ambition that's characteristic of Capricorns. How many other famous kids have done this much at just nine?

Kid Cudi

The water bearer may represent Aquarius, but it's an air sign. Specifically, this sign is commonly associated with innovation, and some closed-minded individuals confuse this inventiveness with oddness or detachment. Aquarians—like Kid Cudi—are wholehearted dreamers and game-changers.

With this in mind, Kid Cudi's innovative fashion choices throughout the past year channel Aquarian energy. From painting his nails to wearing dresses during performances, this musician made an effort to push the gendered boundaries of fashion in 2021.

While Kid Cudi is not the only celebrity to challenge these gendered fashion norms, it just seems extra fitting that this musical Aquarius would fall into this category.

Simone Biles

People who fall under this water sign are often characterized as being emotionally aware, and Simone Biles truly lived up to this generalization in an empowering manner.

During the Tokyo Olympics this past summer, Biles—a high-profile American athlete—memorably pulled out of both the team gymnastics final and the individual all-around competition, as Blavity previously reported. When elaborating on this controversial decision, she revealed that she had withdrawn to focus on her mental health and wellbeing.

Biles' decision to prioritize her wellness over sports-based pressures shows that she is an emotionally intelligent Pisces through and through.

Do you agree with our list of celebrities who lived up to their zodiac sign stereotypes?