Taurus SZN runs from April 20 to May 20, and — as Coi Leray’s birthday is May 11 — she falls under this notorious earth sign.

Whether you know them as being stubborn, food-obsessed, lazy, or all of the above, Taureans have quite the reputation. However, this astrology sign is also known as a laid-back, sensual, integrity-bound ride-or-die who enjoys the finer things.

Here’s a list of some different ways Coi Leray has embodied different Taurus-centered stereotypes during her time in the spotlight.

Fighting the hate and making it to XXL

To kick things off with this astrology sign’s most notorious trait, we have to touch on its well-known stubbornness. In fact, a Taurus being stubborn is one of those far-reaching stereotypes that even those unacquainted with astrology have probably heard of at some point.

However, being stubborn doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as it’s a sign that Taureans aren’t afraid to stick to their ideals in the face of opposition — something this artist is all too familiar with.

While trolls have been waiting on Leray’s downfall since she hit the scene with “No More Parties,” she persevered and secured a spot among the 2021 XXL Freshman Class. This objectively marked her as a significant artist to watch and ultimately proved the naysayers wrong, showing the benefits that can come from never conceding or giving up.

Turning obstacles into blessings

While making the XXL list definitely marked a high point in Leray’s career, the hardships weren’t over just yet. In May and July 2021, Leray made headlines for performing in front of near-silent crowds in Houston and Miami. Video of the matter also circulated on Twitter.

The unideal situation admittedly had Leray down at one point, but some supportive words from Nicki Minaj helped lift her spirits.

While Taureans are stubborn, hardy bulls, they sometimes need that little extra boost to get them back in the game — and it also doesn’t hurt when that boost comes from a major artist.

Triumphantly owning it

As Blavity previously reported, Leray’s relationship with Nicki continued to grow to the point that they released a hit song together: “Blick Blick!” Shortly thereafter, Leray unveiled her debut album, proving herself victorious by not allowing hateration to dictate her life and career path.

“One thing y’all should know about me, I don’t fold under pressure. This lil body got thick skin baby. Only me can stop me,” she said of this triumph — like a true Taurean baddie.

Handling of "Big Purr" drama

It’s also worth noting that this Taurean stubbornness came in clutch during Leray’s beef with Rolling Ray. Last year, following the release of “Big Purr (PRRDD),” Rolling Ray accused Leray of appropriating one of his catchphrases: “Purr.”

The pair went on to engage in a social media back-and-forth, and Rolling Ray even dropped a diss track over the matter. However, Leray was largely unmoved, held firm, and even took the higher ground by not escalating the drama.

This approach ultimately paid off, as Rolling Ray gave Leray words of encouragement when she was feeling bullied by online trolls this past fall.

Holding firm, acting unbothered, and building bridges — like a true Taurus!

Livin' luxuriously

In addition to their unshakable stubbornness and laid-back attitude, Taureans are also heavily associated with luxury.

As Taurus is one of the two Venus-ruled astrology signs, it also has a reputation for enjoying the finer things that the world has to offer. While this usually results in them simply being perceived as bougie, Coi Leray’s father — Benzino — ended up throwing this in her face during one of their highly-publicized feuds.

In response to Leray trash-talking Benzino in “No More Parties,” he addressed the matter online.

“That line in her song is [cap]. My name and rep is very important to me and nobody is gonna tarnish that for story line u dig? I still love u very much coileray but this gotta stop,Benzino wrote.

“Coi was raised in mansions and had everything she ever asked for,” he continued, saying that he provided for her all throughout her life.

Benzino later went on to add that, even when they weren’t in mansions, they were in beachfront condos, further shutting down the narrative that Leray struggled while growing up.

Being a loyal ride-or-die

Although Coi Leray has clearly had her issues with Benzino, she’s still a die-hard earth sign who will defend her family from scrutiny. As Blavity previously reported, Leray recently came to Benzino’s defense on The Breakfast Club after he spilled the beans on her Nicki Minaj collab a while back.

“My dad is a great man, and I love him; regardless to our differences, he’s still my father, and I have to respect him, right? And Dads — you guys get a little too crazy and overexcited,” Coi said on The Breakfast Club. “[We’re] still building our relationship, to be honest. And when I speak to my dad, I’m like ‘I just want to tell you what’s going on so you can just feel proud of me.”

Shutting down the B.S.

However, while Leray may ultimately have Benzino’s back, she still isn’t going to let him walk all over her. Shortly after her aforementioned defense of her father, Leray went on to blast him on Twitter. Notably, this was on the day of her album release.

“My dad is texting my mom threatening her and me because I said he went broke on the breakfast club on the day of my album release,” Leray tweeted, referencing the very interview in which she defended Benzino.

“THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE when everything is going soo good, here he comes being weird trying to f**k up somebody’s life,” she added.

Taureans may be family-oriented, but they’re still not one to back down!

Shoutout to Coi Leray and all the other fabulous Taureans out there!