nullHey everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that, as this will be our last week on Indiewire, I’m currently working to temporarily park the Shadow and Act blog at a new location, while I continue to explore available options. I received a ton of feedback and support after my announcement 3 weeks ago on the site’s potential future, which I’m incredibly grateful for, with many offering suggestions on how the site can continue to exist and thrive post-Indiewire. And so I’ve been considering the most viable options, researching thoroughly the pros and cons of each, so that I can make a well-informed decision on what comes next. And that’s taking some time to properly sort through.

So starting sometime next week, Shadow and Act will have a new, albeit temporary home, which will give me a little more necessary time to do the work required to reach a conclusion based on what’s currently in front of me. But within the next month, I will know with certainty what comes next, and will make a formal announcement at that time which will be permanent.

In the meantime, operations will continue as usual.

For the rest of this week, however, content won’t be published as frequently as it typically is, because I’m busy working to set up the site at its new/temporary location. That’s just an FYI for when you come to the site at any particular time during the day, and find that not much has been published since the last time you visited.

Once the new/temporary location has been set up, you will most certainly know how to reach it.

Thanks for your patience!

For those just joining us, who have absolutely no idea what all this is about, you can catch up on all the details here.