Will Smith is still the reigning king of the box office!

Smith’s latest starring role in Aladdin has secured him a new high in his career. According to Deadline, Aladdin is now Smith’s highest-grossing worldwide film, topping his 1995 classic Independence Day. ID4 previously held the title by securing $511.2 million in the international box office and $817.4 million globally. Aladdin, on the other hand, has grossed $568.3 million internationally and $874.2 million worldwide.

Smith took to Instagram to give his thanks–in multiple languages.

Aladdin just became the biggest movie of my career! I’m honored and I’m Speechless. (You see what I did there? Gotta pay attention),” he wrote, referencing one of the songs from the new film. “The only thing I can say is… Thank You.”

His co-stars Naomi Scott, who played Princess Jasmine, and Mena Massoud, who played the title character, also chimed in on his Insta post. “Biggest movie of my career too,” wrote Scott with “laughing while crying” emojis. Massoud wrote in his equally emoji-filled comment, “Woooooooo!!!!!!! Guess you ain’t never had a friend like me after all[.] love you man.” The film’s director, Guy Ritchie, also weighed in on the post with his comment, “That’s because you’re a very clever boy!!” Take that how you will.

The film was predicted to fail if you listened to fans who grew up with the animated original as well as some critics who felt like the film was too derivative. But regardless, the film has found a home in the hearts of millions of fans who have found something to love in this live-action remake. Just goes to show you can’t count Smith out when it comes to delighting fans around the world.


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