David Jonsson and Alex Alomar Akpobame are excited for fans who get to see the second season of Industry, now airing on HBO. As Akpobame said to Shadow and Act’s Managing Editor, Trey Mangum, “Our fans are legit.”

“They don’t only just like the show, they’re invested. It’s so wonderful to see,” said Akpobame, who plays Danny Van Deventer. “People are so invested and the response from season 1, genuinely, was beyond humbling for me, people feeling like they were seen and represented. It’s that kind of stuff that, as a young actor, this being one of my first jobs…I’m eternally grateful for it.”

Jonsson, who plays Gus Sackey, also added that before he joined the show, he was already deep into shooting another popular show.

“Joining the show, it was just crazy because I was shooting the second season of Twenties…I was auditioning while I was shooting that show…I got it and I had to leave and fly three days after I got it,” he said.

He also added that one of his fears after taking the role was the amount of trading and banking jargon his character and other characters had to say.

“Initially, there’s a fear of [the way the characters talks]. But then when you actually say the words because it’s written in specificity and…it’s about just kind of selling someone something or to get someone’s approval so you can feel a certain way, feel empowered…the jargon becomes second nature,” he said. “I think what’s harder to do is bad writing, just a generalized soap thing that doesn’t even sound like [how] people talk.”

He also teased some upcoming interactions between Gus and characters Eric Tao (Ken Leung) and Harper (Myha’la Herrold).

Eric and me are like…Gordon Gecko and Bud Fox. It reminds me of that mentor-mentee [relationship], he said, adding “…I actually based a lot of my ideas on what Charlie Sheen did as that character [Bud Fox].”

Fans will certainly get to see their relationship play out as the season progresses.

Check out the full interview below.