Hunter Gatherer Poster

Starring Andre Royo, George Sample III, Kellee Stewart and Ashley Wilkerson, Josh Locy (making his feature-length debut) directs a bittersweet, darkly comic tale of seeking out one’s destiny, but discovering an unexpected fate along the way.

Titled “Hunter Gatherer,” the film follows Ashley Douglas, a man who expects everything will fall into place after he’s released from prison (3-year sentence). When that doesn’t happen, he
restarts his life with next to nothing: no friends, no lovers, no connections. All he has is a bedroom in his mom’s house, a box of treasures buried in his backyard, and a deeply ingrained need to be with Linda – his one, true love – who has moved on without him.

Ashley sees an opportunity in the form of Jeremy, an eccentric loner. They start a two-man business of dumping unwanted refrigerators for cash, which Ashley hopes will get Linda back and Jeremy hopes will help his ailing grandfather. As their partnership takes hold, a friendship flourishes, although their fates are very much still up in the air.

The film is peppered with elements of the surreal and anchored by a brazen central performance by Royo as Ashley, and a breakthrough turn from newcomer George Sample III as Jeremy.

It made its world premiere at at the SXSW Film Festival (in the Narrative Feature Competition section) in March of this year, and continues to tour the film festival circuit. Itwill next screen at the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC in November. More info on that here:

No trailer yet; but poster above.