Here we are getting ready for the next issue of Awotele magazine!

While some of you are looking forward to discover this 4th edition, those who are still unaware of this review of critics of African films can still catch up here by consulting previous issues.

AWOTELE is a pan African review about critical views and valuing African film.

Created in February 2015, the magazine is coordinated by film critics working in various newspapers, most of them members of the African Federation of Film Critics (FAAC).

Each issue is published digitally during the three major festivals of the continent’s cinema: Panafrican Film Festival and Television of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), and the Carthage Film Festival (Tunisia).

Here’s our agenda until June 2016:

  • March: Call on papers. Critics had to choose between two themes about African film
  • April: Collecting papers from Critics around the African continent
  • May: Beginning of the crowdfunding campaign (this is where you can helps us!)
  • June: Awotele on its way to the Durban International Film Festival

Why fund it?

On the occasion of International Durban Film Festival (June 16 to 26 in South Africa), we need your help to concoct this upcoming bilingual issue.

Regardless, these are expenses related to graphics (700 €), translation (700 €) as the papers will be in French and English, video editing (100 €), travel and living expenses in Durban (€ 1,200), and the costs of publishing postcards (100 €).

In addition, there is 8% of the total amount for the registration fees of the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform and some eventual bank charges which makes a total of 3,000 € ($3,300). If we exceed this total, we will create a website where all the Awotele issues would be available.

So you’ve got the point–we need you, friends, family, film lovers, colleagues, professionals, philanthropists, activists, the curious, etc. because together, we can be more visible, defend our work, take our place, educating and informing our readers honoring our cultural ambassadors, our filmmakers. It is now our time and yours! This solidarity is possible.

The big THANK YOU starts here with your attention.

With all our sincerity, all our respect and hope, thank you.

The Awotele team