Will Packer Media and MTV Entertainment Studios are bringing their own flavor to Halloween with the upcoming TV film Binged to Death. The film will air on Oct. 17 at 9/8c on MTV.

The film stars Loni Love and Carl Anthony Payne II as two friends and cousins who try to get their favorite reality show couple back together by any means necessary. Think of it as SAW, but with a pop culture spin.

According to the logline:

After learning their favorite reality show couples have broken up, an obsessive single woman (Love) and her bff (Payne) kidnap the contestants and force them into a series of torturous games, all with the hopes of rekindling their favorite TV romances.

Love’s character Kristen is described as a wealthy but eccentric business woman who is a love-starved mess. Payne plays Terry, Kristen’s best friend and first cousin. Brown plays Hugh, who is described as “overly thoughtful and compassionate to a default” as well as “still head over heels for his first love.” Lexy, Hugh’s first love, is played by Loren Lott. Lexy has a career in medicine and is described as “fiercely independent and intelligent,” but broke up with Hugh after hearing his confessionals.

Jessica Lord plays Sienna, a social media influencer, while Andre Anthony plays AJ, a “California surfer bro that sepaks in reality dating show cliches,” although he’s not as simple-minded as he lets on. Dan Ginnane plays “pansexual muscle bro” Quincy, who is described as being too passionate and dramatic about everything in his life. Nico Tortorella plays Zion, a nonbinary DJ who is annoyed by everyone.

Binged to Death is executive produced by Packer and Johanna Byer for Will Packer Media with SilverScreen Pictures’ Kyle Clark and Brian Bolden. Alvie Hurtado produces. Amal Baggar, Andrew Lutin, Marcia Lansdown and Janée Dabney executive produce for MTV Entertainment Studios with Maegan La Trese Philmore as executive in charge of production.